As a CONTROL practitioner, I agree:

1.     To always act to the best of my knowledge in the interest of my client.

2.     To always maintain the confidentiality of my client. The only exception is if I feel that withholding information from others would harm my client, myself or others.

3.     To always maintain high standards of personal conduct.

4.     To always carry out treatments professionally and ethically.

5.     To maintain regular mentoring/supervision in line with current CONTROL practitioner policy.

6.     To store any personal information securely and in accordance with data protection guidelines.

7.     To only act within the limits of my knowledge and understanding of the system.

8.     To always safeguard The CONTROL System’s reputation and the CONTROL practitioner’s status.

9.     To always seek advice when unsure of the best course of action with a client.

10. To always behave with integrity and honesty.

11. If you have any questions regarding the conduct of CONTROL Practitioners or wish to report the conduct of a CONTROL Practitioner, then please contact us on this email:

CONTROL Practitioners are not doctors, psychologists, or any other medical professional (unless expressly stated on the individual Practitioner’s profile).

The CONTROL system is not designed to diagnose, treat or substitute advice or treatment from a Medical professional, a GP or Consultant. CONTROL Practitioners are complementary therapists/coaches, meaning they work alongside the work of GPs and medically trained individuals, not in replacement.

Complementary approaches are unsuitable for those experiencing certain mental disorders or psychiatric conditions.

CONTROL Practitioners operate their private practice independently of The CONTROL Academy, and Tim Box and The CONTROL Academy accept no legal liability for individual CONTROL Practitioners’ conduct or actions.

The CONTROL Academy does not guarantee treatment effectiveness in individual cases. The Control System is not suitable for everyone, and results may vary.